Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Panty Styles Made Simple

What style do you choose to adorn your derriere? Panties do more than just cover your butt. They lift, contour, and accentuate.

Wearing the right panties can lift your confidence and help you polish your look. There are so many styles to choose from that choosing the right ones can be a daunting task.

Here is a simple guide to the most common styles.

Style: G-String
Rear Coverage: None
The Scoop: G-strings have next to no rear coverage, making them a super sexy option. They only offer coverage in the front with a thin string around the waist. They create no visible panty lines, so they are a great choice to wear with tight pants, jeans, and dresses.

Style: Thong
Rear Coverage: None
Details: Thongs have a narrow strip of fabric in the back, leaving most of the butt uncovered. There are a variety of styles available. These are worn well with tight jeans, pants, or dresses since they leave no visible panty lines.

Style: Brazilian
Rear Coverage: Partial
Details: This style offers more rear coverage than thongs, but less than bikinis. They provide a perfect cut to accentuate your curves. They are great for clothes with very low waistlines and tight skirts.

Style: Bikini
Rear Coverage: Partial
Details: Bikinis are worn low around the hips and have thin waistbands. They do not have full rear coverage but offer some. This style is a great choice for those who find thongs a little too revealing for their comfort. Bikini panties are often found in cotton or silky synthetic materials.
These can sometimes cause challenges for certain booty types; wedgies or the need to keep pulling them up when they sit below the crack line are common.

Style: Hipster
Rear Coverage: Full
Details: These provide more coverage than bikinis but are skimpier than briefs. They are worn low around the hips. There are also hipsters that can cover a tummy bulge. They are available in a wide variety of fabrics. This style works well with low pants and miniskirts.

Style: Brief
Rear Coverage: Full
Details: This is the classic fit style of underwear. They are designed to fully cover the hips and butt. Briefs come in a variety of waist heights, depending on how high or low you like to wear them. French-cut briefs have a higher-cut leg. These can be found in all types of fabrics, from silky synthetics to cotton and lace. This style offers good support and is flattering on any booty type.

Style: Control Brief
Rear Coverage: Full
Details: Like girdles, control briefs are high-waisted panties that provide full coverage all the way up through the stomach. They are designed to give extra support, flattening the tummy and shaping the butt. They are generally made out of synthetic fabrics but usually have a cotton crotch panel. They work well under tight dresses.

Style: Boyshorts
Rear Coverage: Almost Complete
Details: Boyshorts are also called boylegs. This style rides low on the hips and are usually cut lower around the thigh. They are styled after men's underwear, so they can be quite comfortable yet sexy. This versatile cut of panties works great under tight pants and skirts, as well as being worn as loungewear. They come in a variety of fabrics, from lace to simple cotton.


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